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Get the Perfect Duathlon Training Plan For Your Skill Level

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced duathlete, I have a training plan to meet your needs. As a coach since 2000, and with a National Championship to my credit, I’ve crafted several different plans to get you to the finish line fast.

The plans include:

  • Daily workouts for 10-12 weeks
  • Race specific brick workouts
  • Key weekly bike & run workouts
  • Scheduled recovery periods
  • Plans in PDF format
  • Instantly delivered after purchase
  • Starting at less than $5/week
Duathlon Training Plan
Plans written by former National Champion and USAT Elite Team Coach Eric Schwartz.

If you have additional questions, or would like to request new plans to be added, email Eric.Boulder@gmail.com and I’ll respond quickly.

Duathlon Training Plan FAQs


At first, I was a little skeptical of the results I was going to get due to the lack of massive amounts of speed work, which I am accustomed to. However, after following you plan, I was able to place first OVERALL at my last duathlon! I have another one this Thursday so will let you know how that goes as well. Thank you once again for the great training plan you produced!

Alan Kimpel


Coming off a 3 year knee injury (irreparable and degenerative) I was in injury and pain management mode. Your program got me to race and finish Duathlon Worlds Age Group in France. It made life easy so I could focus on the injury management. Thanks mate! Mission accomplished!



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