Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon

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Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon

Grants, New Mexico. Saturday, February 16.

13m road bike/5m run/2m cc ski/1m snowshoe, all done twice, the second time in reverse order down the mountain.

Start and finish elevation: 6,500 feet. Halfway elevation: 11,301 feet.

$3,5000 cash. ($1,000, $500, $250)

The 19th edition of The Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon, a challenging four sport race, takes place on February 16 in Grants, New Mexico. Several top multisport athletes have won this race, including Michael Tobin, Danelle Ballengee, Andy Bruckner, and Kimberly Bruckner, and New Mexico governor Gary Johnson is a regular competitor at the event.

The race starts in Grants at an elevation of 6,500 feet, makes it way to the top of Mt. Taylor at over 11,000 feet, and then comes back down to Grants. Racers that remember to stop and take a brief look around from the top of Mt. Taylor are treated to an amazing view. Clouds sometimes hover near the top of the mountain, but clear blue skies are the norm in the town of Grants in February.

The Quad has increased in popularity over the years. In 1984, the year of the first race, only 74 contestants entered. In 2001, 531 contestants entered, coming from places as far away as New Jersey, Wyoming and Michigan. There were 233 soloists, 33 pairs and 58 teams. In 2001, the Quad started using electronic timing bracelets from Champion Chip. In 2001 over 300 volunteers helped with the race.

Previous Quadrathlon Champions


Andrew Adamowski 3:48:25

Danelle Ballengee 4:02:56


Michael Tobin 3:23:29

Danelle Ballengee 3:58:29


Jack Swift 3:28:38

Kimberly Bruckner 3:55:52


Andy Bruckner 3:33:22

Danelle Ballengee 4:02:47


Dan Nielsen 3:38:21

Danelle Ballengee 3:58:29


Dan Nielsen 3:31:36

Chantall Knapp 3:55:05


Dan Nielsen 3:32:15

Danelle Ballengee 4:04:53


Dan Nielsen 3:41:10

Kirstin Hanssen Ames 4:05:06


John Ortega 3:34:58

Mary Downey 4:38:09


John Ortega 3:40:39

Claudia Treadwell 4:22:30


Matt Carpenter 3:35:39

Kirsten Hanssen Ames 4:01:44


Shane Cleveland 3:46:34

Kari Miller 4:32:39


Rick Crawford 3:50:26

Sara Ballantyne 4:20:13


Lynn Lee 4:16:30

Lisa Muhich 4:19:23


Alan Meyer 4:17:29

Lisa Muhich 5:11:27


Robert Parks 4:27:21

Karen Koslow 5:31:12


Bill Recinos 4:11:05

Karin Constant 5:47:00


Bill Recinos


Below: Pictures from the 1999 race

1 – The bike start

2 – Runners leave the bike to run transition

3 – New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, a 9 time finisher of the Quad




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