Powerman Malaysia Results

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Powerman Malaysia
Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur
October 27, 2002
10k run, 60k bike, 10k run

1. John Kelai (KEN), 2:43:12
2. Shahrom Abdullah (MAL), 2:49:00
3. Henrik Svarre (DEN), 2:49:52
4. Richard Graemiger (SUI), 2:50:50
5. Jody Sanderson (GBR), 2:59:05
6. Glenn McNamara (RSA), 3:04:33
7. Don Khor Ngee Leong (MAL), 3:05:25
8. Iwata Takatoshi (JAP), 3:10:06
9. Jean-Fran

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