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A few days ago Steve Larsen announced his retirement from professional racing – both triathlon and bike racing. Larsen began his career as a pro cyclist in 1986 and along the way he won a bronze medal at the Pan Am Games, raced for Motorola along with Lance Armstrong, and was a National Champion mountain biker (click here for his resume). In 2001, with much publicity, he took up triathlon and finished fourth at Wildflower, first at Ironman Lake Placid, and ninth at Ironman Hawaii. In 2002 an injury prevented him from entering Ironman Hawaii, and in 2003 he was sixth at Ironman New Zealand, and then DNF’d at Hawaii, reportedly due to an illness.

In the end he was good for the sport. He gave the cyclists a reason to watch triathlons, and think that they may be able to pull off what he did. Like Chris McCormack he was cocky, but he spiced up the sport as he made a splash from the beginning. Here is a look at this six Ironman results and some of his other racing accomplishments.

Race, Year, Place, Overall time

Swim, Bike, Run Splits

Ironman Florida 2003 17th, 8:58:12

56:37, 4:23:48, 3:32:26

Ironman Hawaii 2003 DNF

56:14 swim

Ironman New Zealand 2003 6th 8:45:32

54:11, 4:26:45, 3:21:19

Quelle Challenge Roth 2002 6th 8:41:35

Ironman Hawaii 2001 9th place, 8:56:28

1:00:45, 4:33:32, 3:19:09

Ironman Lake Placid 2001 1st 8:33:11st

57:09, 4:33:23, 2:56:53

Other race results include:
Half Vineman 2003 – 2nd
Xterra World Championships 2003 – 5th
Xterra USA Championships 2003 – 2nd
Wildflower 2003 – 2nd
Xterra West 2003 – 2nd
Xterra Central 2003 – 1st
Escape From Alcatraz 2002 – 12th
Wildflower 2002 – 9th
Ralph’s Half Ironman 2002 – 10th
Wildflower 2001 – 4th

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