Minneapolis Duathlon – The Largest Duathlon In the United States

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Minneapolis Duathlon – The Largest Duathlon In the United States


Eric Schwartz (duathlon)

November 19, 2012

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Minneapolis Duathlon


August 25, 2013

5k run, 15 mile bike, 5k run

With admittedly limited research, I’d have to conclude that the Minneapolis
Duathlon was the largest duathlon in the United States in 2012. Participant
numbers over the last four years:

Finishers Men Women
2009 814
2010 1385 693 692
2011 1409 735 673
2012 1209 670 539

The Minneapolis Duathlon began in 2009
with a whopping 814 finishers for the
inaugural event. Two years later it had grown
to 1400 finishers, and in 2012
it was the largest duathlon in the United
States. It’s billed as the largest duathlon
in the world.

Creating a duathlon this big, from
scratch, is no small feat.

According to communications director Amy
Leger, via email, “We wanted to create a welcoming and
fun multisport event so runners can try a
duathlon and cyclists can
try a multisport event. We also created
different awards categories for different
style bikes (road, mountain, single speed and
commuter bike). That way
people would feel comfortable taking the
bike out of their garage to do the race.
Finally we have great gear. Last year our
bike jerseys were awesome!”

Tim Yount, Chief Operating Officer of
USAT, points our that four things that are
usually true of large duathlons. Paraphrasing

1. They are in large markets

2. Race management has done a great job
of enticing athletes who are not just
interested in duathlon, but triathletes who
aspire to do a race to meet other
related goals.

3. Race management has a significant
database which they ping often to attract
interest. This was true for the Duathlon
National Championships in Richmond,
Virginia. They also probably spend a
slight bit more on marketing the race.

4. They produce a good event. If they
didn’t few would return. They are challenging
and fun and offer a nice subset of

Look for the the fifth edition of this
event on August 25, 2013.

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