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I’m selling a Vasa swim bench and am asking $1,000,000 but will take much less. In fact, $500 seems a reasonable asking price; a price, by the way, that is completely negotiable! (As is the million-dollar asking price, incidentally). Here’s the scoop: it is an older model without any individual pulleys…this means you cannot pull each arm individually during the pull phase (why you would need to anyway, I’m not so sure; it’s a swim bench, not swimming), but after a couple of months of dedicated use was when I began swimming fast. I was able to cut my overall weekly yardage down from 20K to 10K and replace that yardage with three weekly sessions on the Vasa Trainer and improve vastly! In turn, I spent more time riding and running and improved in those (enough advertising for Vasa). If you are even remotely interested, contact me at:, NOT the e-mail address below! I can send more pictures and reasons why you should buy this. Lastly, you can update this model to the individual arm-pull phase by purchasing pulleys from Vasa if you were so inclined.


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