DU007: Training Questions From Duathlete Adam Konczewski

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Episode 7

Adam Konzcewski is a duathlete/triathlete and also the new race director for the popular Apple Duathlon in Minnesota.

Adam joins the show to ask his training questions and discuss the Apple Duathlon.  Adam has been racing for 6 years and he’s completed 3 Ironmans.  In 2014 he was focusing on duathlons and the National Championships in St. Paul.

Some of the questions we discussed:

  • What’s a good workout that is an equivalent to brick in triathlon.
  • Running vs biking time ratio for duathlon.
  • How much strength should I do
  • How to taper for duathlon
  • A recommend run and bike workout that is may give the biggest return
  • What would a typical training week look like for someone who focuses mainly on duathlons
  • How important is it to pay attention to running cadence

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