Duathlon Insider Podcast Episode 1 – An Introduction

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Episode 1

Welcome!  This is a 4 minute introduction to the show.

Purpose Of The Podcast

To bring training information and duathlon news specifically to duathletes.  The show will evolve based on feedback from you.

This is my second podcast. My first is the Triathlete Training Podcast which began in 2013.  To date I’ve released 33 episodes of that podcast. Much of the content on that show is applicable right now to duathletes.

I expect this show to be a little more personal than my triathlon podcast.  This show might now be as polished.  My main goal here is to pump out good content for duathletes.

I’d like to help grow the sport with this podcast and promote some of the great duathlons around the world, both big and small.  Hopefully some first time duathletes will find the show and use it to get them through their first race.

About Eric Schwartz

I raced duathlons from 1989 to 2005 and won the Pro National Championships in 2004.  Duathlon.com is my website that I’ve operated since 1998.  I’ve been coaching since 2000 and I have prebuilt training plans available for sale at Duathlon.com.

Promoting The Show

There is a way you can help the show right now – go to iTunes and write a review on this show.  The visibility of this show within iTunes is affected by the number of reviews it receives.  Also, let your fellow duathletes know about the show.  It’s available in iTunes and at Duathlon.com.

Providing Feedback

You can give show feedback, recommend guests, and even volunteer to be on the show from the Duathlon.com Facebook page, located here: https://www.facebook.com/duathloncom

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