Duathlon Training Plan FAQs

Duathlon Training Plan FAQs

 1. In what format do I receive this plan?

After purchase you will immediately get this document in downloadable PDF format which you can view on your computer or print for easy viewing.  The plan also includes a training intensity and heart rate guide so you can do your workouts based on perceived effort or heart rate.

2. Will I get faster with this plan?

It’s highly likely you will get faster with this training plan.  Follow the schedule and you’ll be consistently doing the right workouts each week.  The final two weeks set you up to be rested and in peak form on race day.

3. Can I print the plan?

Yes. The plan is in PDF format.

4. I use a power meter.  Will this plan work with power?

Yes.  Any cycling workout prescribed with heart rate zones will also work with the same power zone.  For example, a zone 4 ride in heart rate zone 4 is the same as your zone 4 power.

5. How do you prescribe intensity for your workouts?

Workouts can be done based on perceived effort, heart rate zones, or power zones.  Use this Training Intensity & Heart Rate Guide to help you.  This guide also shows you how to determine your heart rate zones if you choose to do so.

6. On days with 2 scheduled workouts should they be done back-to-back or should they be separated?

I don’t recommend back-to-back workouts unless it’s written into the plan.  For example, on many Saturday’s there’s a brick.  Those workouts should be done together.  If a day has both a run and bike listed, but it’s not written as a brick, the workouts should be separated.  If you have to do those back-to-back because of time constraints (an occasional reality for most athletes), I suggest doing the most intense workout first.

7. What if I don’t like it?

I think you will, but if you don’t you can get a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

8. This seems a little complicated.

Nonsense!:)  Figuring out how to correctly training for a duathlon is complicated.  This plan makes it easy for you.   Just follow the simple plan.  You’ll be putting in 3-15 hours of training each week for a couple months preparing for your race.  A little time invested upfront will pay significant dividends down the road and make your training and racing much more rewarding.  If you still need help or convincing email me at Eric.Boulder@gmail.com

And if I haven’t convince you yet, take this girl’s advice.  Who wouldn’t trust her?


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