Duathlon.com FAQ

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we
receive about the Duathlon.com site. If your question is not answered below,
please email the SiteMaster.

Last update: 23-Sept-2000


Does Duathlon.com cost me anything to use?

Everything about the Duathlon.com site is free to our users. We don’t charge for anything, including
classifieds ads (buying OR selling). We do have bills to pay, of course, and work hard to pay them
with revenue from our advertisers.


I can’t log in. What’s wrong?

If you really believe you are using the correct password, most likely you are ignoring capitalization. PASSWORDS ARE CaSe sEnSiTiVe! Try again with all small or all capital letters.

Password Incorrect message

If you still have no luck and you get the “Password is incorrect” error page, click the “Have your hint mailed to you” link that’s on that page. You’ll be sent an email with your hint (if you provided us with one at original sign-up).

If this doesn’t help you click the “Reset it for you” link that’s on that “Password is incorrect” error page. You’ll be sent an email – just follow the instructions. You’ll be given the opportunity to change your password.

Note: If your email address is missing or incorrect, this email process obviously will not work. In this case, please email the SiteMaster.

Staying Anonymous

We’ve had several users complain that they cannot log in. They do not get an error message,
yet remain anonymous. We’ve found that emptying the cache and deleting the history file helps.
See the outdated pages FAQ.


Do I have to accept cookies to use the site?

updated 20-Sept-2000
Not any longer. If you usually have cookies enabled, you will
see no difference in the site’s operation. If you disable cookies,
you will now have the same access as our cookie-enabled users, except
that you’ll get “ugly” URLs since they will contain an identifying
element that allows the site to generate the correct page based on knowing
what page(s) a user has viewed previously. The only real disadvantage
is that non-cookie users will have to log in each time they come back to Duathlon.com.

We use cookies for two purposes – we use a single persistent cookie, “termckie”,
to enable you to come back to the site without having to log in again. This is a
convenience, and if you block persistent cookies the site will continue to
function properly, you’ll just have to login each time.

The second cookie, “spknsid”, is a temporary session identifying cookie, that tells
us that a specific pageview came from the same session that asked for an earlier one. All
sites that allow sophisticated interaction need a method of knowing this. This is completely
anonymous and not stored on your hard disk. When you close your browser, the cookie goes away.
Therefore, these cookies do not take up any “space” and (at least in IE) you can enable
session cookies while leaving permanent cookies disabled.

A common misconception is that cookies somehow gather information from one’s computer.
We are curious to know just how this works since we feel that this is a common misunderstanding
of cookies. It is true that some sites do use persistent cookies to track people across sites –
that is – to know where you’ve been. Advertising companies sometimes do this to determine which
advertisement to show you. We don’t do that – our cookies are for our site’s use only.
Also, these problems don’t exist with session cookies. If you have information to the contrary,
please let us know.

We also use two Javascripts simply to provide a mouse-over effect and to change the mouse
pointer as it moves over the pictures and the navigation area, in short, to make the site more
usable. Javascript is commonly used on many sites for these reasons. Javascript is
interpreted by the browser (as is HTML) and as far as I know cannot access or reference anything
on your local computer. Javascript is so widely used that any significant security issues or
privacy issues would be of great interest to Microsoft and Netscape, or to the press at large.

We’d be very curious if anyone could give us some legitimate reference to security problems with
Javascript or cookies. If there are security issues with their use we’d like to know so
we can alter our site design or take other action.

In any event, we do not sell our user information. We don’t distribute it. Please read our
privacy statement.


Why do I see black areas on some of the pages?

If you are using Netscape, it could be because you do not have support for
style sheets turned on. You can enable them by going to Edit, Preferences,
Advanced, and checking the box “Enable Style Sheets”. The default setting is
to have style sheets enabled. There is no danger to using style sheets and you
will find that they will dramatically improve your web browsing experience! If
you insist on no style sheets, then your only choice is to manually select a
specific text color (see Edit, Preferences, Appearance, Colors). Pick a color
that would show up on both a black and a white background, e.g., light blue or
light green.

If you are using an older browser (version 3.0 or below) or WebTV, these
browsers do not support style sheets. We encourage you to upgrade to a newer
version if possible while we look for a solution.


Where’s my submission? I submitted an item (Article, Spotlight,
or Photos) and I received an email confirming this and yet it’s not appearing.

The email acknowledges that we have received your item. Many
submitted items must be edited before they can be published. As
several items may be submitted at essentially the same time, on a
weekend for example, it will take time to edit, categorize, and publish
them. Should there be any question about the originality of the
material, research may be mandatory and permission to use the material
obtained prior to publishing. Some items may be inappropriate for
publishing on Duathlon.com or may be similar to another item. An email
detailing the status of your submission will be forthcoming either
explaining the reasons why it has not been posted, or hopefully that
it has been “activated”. Also note that some items (e.g., Spotlight) appear on
the homepage in a random fashion and there is no way to predict when your entry
will be displayed. Please be patient.


I’d like to reprint some of the information on Duathlon.com. I may use it
in my club newsletter or my web page. What’s your policy?

Duathlon.com original material

Original Duathlon.com material, such as Product reviews, Message Board postings,
Speakout entries, etc., may be republished or reproduced in whole or
in part in any form without additional permission. In these cases, we require
that credit be given to Duathlon.com.

Articles are generally original material submitted by us or our users and
published for the first time on Duathlon.com. In these cases, credit should be
given to both Duathlon.com and the article’s author.

Material from other sources

Please note that some items available on Duathlon.com are reprinted from
outside sources. Use of this material must follow the policy of the original
source. Any article or news story should be considered copywritten material of
the author or source.


I love your site and want to include a link to it on my own website. Is this allowed?

You are welcome to create either a textual link or even to use our logo on your website. Spread the word!


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